About Crypto Commando Coin

The right Trader knows that there is no bottom or top. Values ​​do not belong to the power of statistics, they are not constant and above all they are οf dynamic state, which means that updating of data is a daily process.

The job of the right Trader is to be able to detect on time any change in data and adjust his assessment based on them.
Finally the right Trader must not have sensitivities and succumb to the temptation to like a value.

If he falls into this trap it is mathematically certain that he will lose money since his judgment is not impartial for this value.
The Crypto Commando team is built on these principles, serving them for over 30 years.

In those years they gave many, many battles, faced all kinds of difficult situations, learned from small mistakes, and today the team is ready, more mature and stronger than ever for her next step.

We made the big decision to open the door to a wider investment crowd, so that, together with our good friends who have trusted us all these years, everyone can enjoy the result of our work.

And our job is only one thing… .the special mission. We hit a value, take our profits and return to our base.
We are Commandos, we are all-weather, we are fearless, and we are efficient. The numbers are telling the whole truth.
We have ONLY one enemy… .our evil self with which we are in a constant battle.

The recruitment has began and from today you can also become one of us, a Crypto Commando.
As you all may know trading is not an easy sport and it is definitely not a sport for everyone.

If you browse the Google search engine you will find thousands of texts and websites that refer to trading.
The only thing everyone agrees on is that 96% of the investors who tried trading simply lost their money. Be careful !!! not only did they lose money, they lost all their money.

Another truth is that there is not a single trader who has not lost money.
And here a reasonable question arises, if everyone loses then who wins?
The right Trader wins. And who is he? He is the wise, the well educated, the experienced, the self-collected, the always informed. He is the one who in the 100 moves he wins at 60 and loses at 40 or the even better one who wins at 70 and loses at 30, or the most informed who wins at 80 and loses at 20 or even the luckiest one who wins at 90 and loses in 10 moves.

He is the one who has “cold blood” as they say in the market, the one who is not interested in the name of the value to be dealt with, except the indicators of technical analysis, the volume of transactions, the fundamental figures, and after evaluating all this tries to “assess the perspective of value” positively or negatively.

If the result is positive, which means that the value is undervalued, ie its commercial price is lower than its internal price, then he will buy this value (Long position) in order to sell it with a profit when the commercial price reaches the inner or even larger than it.
If he evaluates it negatively, which means that the value is overpriced, ie its commercial price is higher than its internal price, then he will sell this value (Short position) in order to buy it at a profit when the commercial price reaches the inner or smaller than it.
The overall picture of the market plays a key role in the evaluation process, ie the investment climate, which is extremely volatile depending on small and large events of the worldwide economy, and also very sensitive even to news that come out and are untrue.

He must also take seriously the situation that has existed and will exist in the market, the manipulation of one or more market values. Manipulation in simple words means that an investment team with great financial power can overturn all the data I mentioned above, and lead a value whose real value is x dollars, to a price of 10… 20… or 50 times higher and at these levels to distribute to irrelevant investors who read a set up – paid article, and after getting rid of the value leave it at the mercy of the market creating huge damage to unsuspected investors and huge profits for themselves.

The right Trader is obliged to have the power to distinguish such situations and to stay away from them. Otherwise it is a given that he will lose money from his involvement with these “games” that turn the act of investing into gambling, with whatever that entails.
The right Trader is obliged to set goals and keep them. Greed has no place in the Trader’s temperament, and he is punished with a great loss of money.

In a few days it will be available to the public, and people will be able to get the basic information for FREE.
The immediate and complete one that ONLY THOSE WHO have invested in a share, ie $ 10,000, now have, will now also be available to those who invest $ 100.

And because those who are recruited will have ranks for example the rank of soldier, sergeant, officer, etc. the information will be given to the officers and they will pass it to their subordinates, with a time delay.

The ranks will be obtained
a) based on the personal investment amount
b) based on the total investment amount of his team
c) Based on the success of his missions.

Each promotion is accompanied by a salary increase

Those who get the maximum rank will be rewarded by managing a sensitive sector such as ammunition depot, fuel depot, catering depot, doctor’s office, communications, etc. Of course, managing them will have significant financial benefits.